Hey 👋,

I am a computer engineer by training but a tinkerer🛠️ by birth. I will over engineer as solution and burn myself out to be “over” engineering by the time that it is finished; thus the double-entendre in the name.

Currently, I work to design lab equipment for curing some of the worlds most challenging diseases. This is a biproduct of a fifth-life crisis (after a sixth-life crisis) where I realized I should’ve been a biomedical engineer. I hope to see my work through before my career as a creator takes off. After which, I hope to inspire the next generation of future engineers and pioneer a new model for creators to pioneer a new model with for-profit and open-source projects to tackle some of the world’s biggest problems.

If that sounds like a plan to you, a follow on any platform is all I need. This blog is really just for the nirtty-girtty details but Instagram, Tik-Tok, and Discord will see me most!